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Wind Fact

Wind energy has been one of the fastest growing energy source in the United States since 1999.


As of January 2015 Antrim Wind Energy is working to finalize technical plans for a revised 9 turbine wind facility.  The project team is working to prepare a comprehensive application to submit to the SEC in the spring of 2015.   For a detailed explanation of the current status of Antrim Wind Energy’s project visit the “Project Overview” page of this site or “Contact the Project Manager”.

AWE Public Information Session – March 26, 2015

Experts: Wind power needs outweigh aesthetics

January 13, 2015

“It would add 27 megawatts of clean, carbon neutral, renewable energy to the New England energy grid, with relatively minimal impacts to ecosystems and wildlife.”

Margaret Dillon

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Wind power once again saves millions by keeping energy prices in check during cold snap.

January 27, 2014-

For the second time in two weeks, wind power once again kept consumers’ energy costs down as extreme cold drove energy prices to record highs across much of the Eastern U.S.

Electricity and natural gas prices skyrocketed to 10-50 times normal across parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes states as extreme cold drove demand for electric and gas heating to near-record levels late last week. Fortunately, regional wind energy output was strong throughout these periods of peak demand, producing around 3,000 MW on the evening of January 22 when supply was particularly tight, and roughly 3,000-4,000 MW for nearly all of January 23 as electricity prices remained very high.

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Wind Energy Yields Major Environmental Benefits for New Hampshire

Existing wind energy production in New Hampshire is providing significant environmental benefits for the state, according to a new report by Environment New Hampshire.

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The report finds that New Hampshire’s wind energy is already avoiding more than 157,267 metric tons of climate-altering carbon pollution, the equivalent of taking 32,764 cars off the road, while it also saves 70,265,000 gallons of water per year, enough to meet the needs of 2,567 people.

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Energy Moratorium Bills Are Bad For The Economy – George Bald

“We need to attract new businesses and create jobs in New Hampshire – a moratorium on renewable energy tells entrepreneurs and investors to go elsewhere.” George Bald, January 2014

George Bald was commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development for nearly 13 years. During that time, he was also a member of the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee.

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My Turn Energy moratorium bills are bad for the economy Concord Monitor