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Wind Fact

Wind energy has been one of the fastest growing energy source in the United States since 1999.


Benjamin Pratt Testimonial

I am in favor of  wind energy in Antrim for many reasons; both because it is the right way to go, and it would result in useful income to the Town of Antrim. I  think all of those things will work to the long term benefit of Antrim and the people who live here…I think the wind turbines are magnificent, and I just feel they will fit in to Antrim’s topography quite nicely.  Benjamin Pratt, Antrim Resident

Anne Enman Testimonial

It’s beyond time for this country to embrace renewable energy. For commercial applications in the northeast, wind is really the only choice. Eolian is N.H. based with a management team that’s knowledgeable and accessible. For these reasons I feel Antrim and Eolian are a good fit. Anne Enman, Antrim Resident

The Enmans


Jim & Bev Schaefer Testimonial

We are pleased that with Eolian’s help, our forward thinking Town of Antrim, will soon join communities in 38 other US States with wind power installations. Having met folks from Eolian over a 3 year period, we found them to be dedicated, honest, exceedingly patient, and willing to answer our questions and other residents many questions. We are confident this project will be a positive asset to our Town. Thank you. Jim & Bev Schaefer, Antrim Residents

Galen Stearns Testimonial

The Town of Antrim New Hampshire has worked with Eolian Renewable Energy, LLC for just over two years through its Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Adjustment. During this time, there have been numerous meetings with representatives for this company. We have always found them to be courteous, knowledgeable, and professional in their dealings with our boards and citizens. Eolian has gone to great lengths to ensure that any concerns or questions asked have been addressed and answered to the best of their ability. Galen Stearns, Antrim Town Administrator

Gordon Webber Testimonial

As a former Selectmen and Planning Board member in Antrim, New Hampshire, I have worked closely with Eolian Renewable Energy over the past 2 years on a proposed 20 MW wind facility in Antrim. I personally know Jack Kenworthy, John Soininen and Travis Bullard and I find them respectable, courteous, trustworthy and professional. Some may look at a young company without a lengthy track record with skepticism, but I admire the work they are doing for taking real steps to address energy and environmental issues with an ethic of responsibility. Gordon Webber, Chairman Antrim Board of Selectmen through March 2010