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Wind Fact

One Megawatt of Wind Energy = 2,600 Fewer Tons of Carbon Dioxide per year.

Health Impacts

Local Reality

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that wind facilities create negative health impacts (Click here for report on Wind Turbine Sound Health Effects.) Negative impacts can be avoided with proper siting and design. Studies in Antrim show that the noise levels at residences in the vicinity of the project will not exceed 40 dB(A) and the vast majority of the time will be significantly lower.  45 dB(A) is considered by the World Health Organization to the be a safe standard to avoid night-time disturbance.  This same standard has been applied in the nearby Lempster Wind project, which has been operating for over three years with virtually zero complaints.

The flicker effects of wind turbines are effectively modeled using computer software to determine the expected impacts at local residences.  Study results for Antrim Wind Energy LLC show that the project will not exceed a total of 30 hours per year or 30 minutes in any single day at any residence in town in the worst case scenario.  These studies assume that the sun is always shining and that the turbines are always spinning at an angle that would cause flicker, which is not always the case.  Thus, actual flicker impacts are expected to be lower than modeled results.


Myth you might hear:

“Wind turbines make people sick and force them to abandon their homes”