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Wind Fact

One Megawatt of Wind Energy = 2,600 Fewer Tons of Carbon Dioxide per year.

Property Value Impacts

Local Reality

A January 2012 study by the Whittemore School of Business & Economics at the University of New Hampshire, updated in December 2014 by Seacoast Economics evaluated the impacts of the Lempster Wind Farm on local property values.  That study “…found no evidence that the project has had a consistent, statistically-significant impact on property values within the Lempster region”. The report went on to say “Furthermore, this study did not find any evidence to support that having a view of one or more turbines or that proximity to a turbine had any consistent, statistically-significant impacts in relation to residential property values in Lempster or the surrounding local communities.”

UNH Lempster Property Value Study

The US Department of Energy’s Berkeley National Laboratory collected data on 50,000 homes within 10 miles of 67 operating wind power facilities with 1,198 sales that were within one mile of a turbine in 2013 and found,  “Across all model specifications, we find no statistical evidence that home prices near wind turbines were affected in either the post-construction or post-announcement/preconstruction periods.” and, “the core results of our analysis consistently show no sizable statistically significant impact of wind turbines on nearby property values.


US DOE Berkeley National Laboratory


Myth you might hear:

“The Antrim Wind Energy Project is going to hurt local property values”