Preliminary_Gregg Lake Town Park_Antrim Mailer

Wind Fact

In 2008, U.S. Wind Turbines Generated Enough Energy to Power Colorado.

Low Impact Development

Local Realities

There are no rare or endangered species living within the project area and construction and operations will impact less than 0.2 acres of wetlands to build the Antrim Wind Farm. It is true that all developments (homes, shopping malls and new schools) have the potential to impact wildlife habitats. Minimizing environmental impact is one of our primary concerns, which is why the site for the Antrim Wind project with its previous impacts, close proximity to major transportation routes, proximity to high voltage transmission and its very strong wind resource is such a good choice for a well-sited wind farm. Among the competing energy options we have available to us, wind energy is certainly among the least impactful when compared to coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear.

This project will have clearing limits (encompassing all new impacts) of less than 60 acres and Antrim Wind has reached agreements with local landowners, who have many other development rights available to them, to permanently conserve over 900 acres of private property as an added benefit to wildlife and the community.  The SEC has already reached a finding that a 30 MW project would not have an unreasonable impact on wildlife or the natural environment and the New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau has determined that the AWE project is unlikely to impact any rare plant species or exemplary natural communities.


Myth you might hear:

“Wind projects kill animals and ruin wildlife habitat.”