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Wind Fact

In 2008, U.S. Wind Turbines Generated Enough Energy to Power Colorado.

Fossil Fuel Reduction

Local Reality

AWE commissioned an independent study that carefully evaluated the potential for wind power generation on Tuttle Hill and matched that renewable energy generation with historical fossil fuel generation in the New England electrical grid.  Resource Systems Group used their Department of Energy approved Time Matched Marginal Emissions Model to analyze the fossil fuel power plants in New England and associated fuel types that the Antrim Wind Project would displace for each of the 8,760 hours of the year. They compiled this data to produce a detailed report concluding that a 30 MW wind project located in Antrim would reduce CO2 emissions by more than 120,000,000 pounds per year and result in water savings of 18,000,000 gallons annually. The results of this study align with studies performed by the US Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and others. Wind energy does displace fossil fuel based generation now and the more wind power that is added to the grid, the greater the beneficial impact will be!

Myth you might hear:

“Wind power will never reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.”