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Wind Fact

In 2008, U.S. Wind Turbines Generated Enough Energy to Power Colorado.

Locally Generated Clean Energy

Local Reality

All power produced in New England by any form of generation is available for sale in every other part of New England, but the electrons go to serve the closest demand. Wind power is no different than other generation types. Vermont and Maine benefit from New Hampshire wind projects the same as New Hampshire benefits from wind projects in those states. New England operates on a unified energy grid in a common energy market – and Antrim Wind Energy will benefit that market. In addition to that regional benefit, which applies to all of us, Antrim receives the benefit of substantial local tax revenues and job creation while helping grow an industry that is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the state.

Myth you might hear:

“AWE isn’t going to sell electricity to Antrim Residents so there is no benefit to Antrim ”